Gleason Reel Non-Metallic

All Gleason Reel products are manufactured in Mayville Wisonsin, USA

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 Protect cables and hoses on reciprocating machinery. Safety and reliability are increased when cables and hoses are kept together, away from moving components and operators. Durable links are molded from fiber-reinforced virgin nylon which is highly wear resistant, self lubricating and not damaged by salt, hard water and lubricating oils or hydrocarbons such as fuels.

Modular Trak is available in a wide variety of configurations and sizes to handle cable or hose up to 1.676" dia. Larger sizes are available with standard closed tops, flip-tops to facilitate cable/hose installation, or completely enclosed models designed to protect cables and hoses from dirt, chips, etc. Kits of all styles facilitate application and purchasing. 

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Industries We Serve

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