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All Gleason Reel products are manufactured in Mayville Wisonsin, USA

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SINGLE COLUMN KITS are the efficient and economical way to meet ergonomic requirements. Each kit is complete with 180º swing or fixed boom, safety hook or balancer trolley and Universal Bracket for mounting everything from an air line fitting to peg board. Some models also include tool balancer, coiled air line, brass air line fitting and cord grip for use with electric tools. It’s ready to mount on your work bench then customize…add swing arms with attachments, as shown below right, or other items as required. Horizontal boom has rated maximum capacity of 30 lbs.(13.5 kg). Bolts to any bench top.

DUAL COLUMN WORKSTATION KITS include two straight rails, your choice of three mounting base styles and in a range of heights to fit virtually any bench and any task you have. Height of horizontal support rails is adjustable, as is position of rails and width (distance between vertical columns). Kits include one WS30 and one WS50 rail. Either or both may be used as tool rail by adding optional balancer trolleys. Trolley mounted TORQ-ARM™ may be used, as can most accessories. Additional components may be added to make these workstations even more functional.

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Industries We Serve

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