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Manufacturer: Gleason Reel by Hubbell - Made in Wisconsin, USA

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Model Number: FR04-02

Part Number: GR60819002

Since 1911, GLEASON REEL CORPORATION has been a leader in the business of CABLE & HOSE MANAGEMENT. Their products are designed to convey and protect valuable cables and hoses that power and control moving machines of all types. They improve productivity and safety on the job by moving cables and hoses away from hazardous locations on machinery or the shop floor into a controlled environment.

Whether you choose REELS for efficient storage and payout of electric cables or hoses, FESTOON or CONDUCTOR BAR SYSTEMS for overhead applications, or CABLE CARRIERS for protection on machinery in motion, your plant will operate more safely while your cables/hoses last longer and provide better service with a cable or hose management system from Gleason Reel. Our HUBBELL WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS division also provides products for efficiency, safety and increased productivity in industrial workplaces.

GLEASON REEL is a member of the Hubbell Industrial Products Group. Gleason Reel products are manufactured and assembled in Mayville, Wisconsin, USA.

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Industries We Serve

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